The Must Visit Places Of South Australia’s Charming Capital

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These are just a few of the scenic places of South Australia. Once you get the opportunity, make sure you tour around these beautiful locations as they will give you some memorable thrills.Considered as the fifth largest city in Australia, Adelaide is the lively capital of the country’s southern state. With a rich history and a diverse culture, this city is filled with fascinating sights. To convince you even more, here is a small introduction to a few of these attractions.


Are you a sea-lover? Well then, Glenelg is the spot for you. The mostly loved seaside stop is only twenty minutes away from Adelaide. Set on the beaches of Holdfast Bay, the sandy shore and the warm breeze will definitely give you the pleasure of paradise. The best part of Glenelg is that you get the opportunity to swim with the adorable dolphins, go diving and snorkeling to explore the deep sea. The list of things to do in this beautiful location goes on and on. You will have an exciting agenda. Lay back and enjoy the bright sun and the sparkling sea.


A unique town rich in history. Hahndorf is famously known as a German migration town in Australia. So you will find a variety of German cuisine and architecture. Take a stroll through this historic street, browse the shops, taste the mouthwatering dishes and don’t forget to have a glass or two of the bubbly beer. Day trips to Hahndorf from Adelaide is the best way to explore this small city. It will help you to learn as well as identify the important and significant highlights of Hahndorf.

Adelaide Hills

Famous for its vineyards and fruit orchards, Adelaide Hills’ cool climate will give you some tranquility. Wander around the markets, try the thrilling mountain bike rides and definitely taste the sparkling wine. From the strawberries of Beernbery to the velvet chocolates of Melba’s Chocolates at Woodside, Adelaide Hills will bring a range of some luxurious treats. Many day trips from the city is available. Make sure you book one when you visit Adelaide.

Murray River

Famous for being the third longest navigable river in the world, Murray River is a perfect portrayal of the nature. From a great range of mountains and forests, this destination will fill up your agenda with some daring events. You can row a boat or paddle a canoe and enjoy the deep blue river. If you a hiker, these mountains will be a perfect spot for you. Enjoy the beautiful scenarios in Murray River, you will be able to capture a lot of Instagram- worthy shots.Adelaide is filled with some delightful destinations. Add it your ‘must travel to places’ list as you will find gain some amazing experiences in this beautiful city.